About the Library

About the Central Library

Library has always been a blooming facet of the society, from ancient times the library had it's own importance and value in the developed societies as it was the source of information and knowledge that preserved cultures. It played a noticeable role in the different stages of humanity. Within different stages of history, the Kurds did their best to serve this field by collecting scientific sources to preserve their culture. Regardless of all the hardships they faced the Kurds attempted to protect their languages and performed scientific attempts such as establishing libraries as a symbol for their heritage, they always tried to open libraries in most of the towns and cities one of which was the central library of the university of sulaimani. The central library was established in 1968 with the establishment of the University. From 1968 until 1981, the library had been open having several units and an active staff. It always attempted to find recent sources such as Books, Newspapers and Magazines in different languages as Kurdish, Arabic and English. Unfortunately, this library, within the university name being changed to Sallahadin, had been transferred to Erbil with all its sources and units as a decision of the Iraqi's Ba'ath regime in 1981.

In spite of what the Library went through, it was constantly in service as a cultural office for knowledge. After the Kurdish uprising 1991, with the efforts of to learn teachers, loyal figures of Sulaimani city, and the courage of Kurdistan Regional Government, the library had been re-established with the re-establishment of the University of Sulaimani. Starting from the beginning, the library has become a private center that contain more than sixty thousand academic sources in different languages as Kurdish, Arabic, English, Persian, French, Russian, etc. with the university of Sulaimani, press and publication offices and organization of KRG, the library had been enriched with sources of humanitarian and natural science. The Central Library of the University of Sulaimani is composed of units such as: Borrowing, Index, Classifications, Dictionaries, Magazines, Journals, Newspapers, Periodicals, Theses, Internet and Electrical Store, Personal, and Accountancy units, also several reading Halls. Around forty staff members of Librarians, Accountants, and Administrators are serving Lecturers, Students, and Readers. With the establishment of the Library, many scientific and educational activities have been held such as: Book fairs, Exhibitions, holding Seminars and Scientific Courses, participating in local and international conference and sessions.

With the efforts of KRG and the University of Sulaimani, a four-leveled Building has been built in the new campus of the University which has a new design and system. the Library has been systematized scientifically, and (KOHA) software is being used for the international connections. This office will serve Scholars, Lecturers, Students and Readers. Consequently, this center is going to be an important domain in Kurdistan Region and Iraq. farther more, the Library will be running with the “Open” System that is a crucial Source of Knowledge and Education.