Borrowing Items

How to Borrow Items in Central Library

If you want to check out books you will need a library card. 

  • To check out items from the Open Access Areas in the Central Library, go to the Circulation Desk on the first Floor . 
  • Items requested from the Closed Stacks can also be collected at the Self-service collection area in the Circulation Department. Here you can find all items requested from the closed stacks as well as all reserved items when they are ready for loan. 

Loan period

  • Five Days for students 
  • One week for scholars & instructors 
  • 3 days for university’s employees 
  • 1-3 item allowable for loan to students 
  • 4 items allowable for loan to scholars 
  • 5 items allowable for loan to instructors 
  • Reference materials, journals and Thesis are not for loan.